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July 20 - Half Iron

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Race Day

Individual swim wave assignments for the 2013 Door County Triathlon are now posted to the event website. Simply click on the ORANGE button on the upper right side of the front page to view them. We have received a lot of inquiries already about assignments for this year. Here are a few things you should know:


  • ELITE WAVE: Per USA Triathlon rules, participants who opt into the Half Iron Elite Wave (wave one) will be INELIGIBLE for age group awards and will have no age group standings in this event. (Note: Their results will count towards their USA Triathlon age/gender standings.) Elite wave competitors will only qualify for overall awards. There is a Half Iron Elite Wave with both men and women in it and participants may still opt into or out of that wave. Due to a lack of earlier demand, there will be NO ELITE SPRINT WAVE.  We will not consider adding an Elite Sprint Wave at this late stage of the game.


  • AGE GROUP WAVES: All waves (other than Half Iron Elite Wave) are assigned by age and gender. Age brackets are ages 14 & under, followed by 5 year age brackets (15-19, 20-24, 25-29, etc.) through age 80 & over. Please note that per USA Triathlon rules, THE PARTICIPANT’S RELEVANT AGE FOR TRIATHLON COMPETITION IS THEIR END-OF-YEAR AGE (i.e. their age on December 31, 2013). Wave sizes vary greatly due to the variance in participation by different age and gender groups. The delays between waves are intended to compensate for this and ensure safe monitoring by the lifeguard staff. PARTICIPANTS MAY NOT SWITCH WAVES TO “BE WITH TRAINING PARTNERS, FAMILY OR FRIENDS.” Those who do so will be DISQUALIFIED. Relay teams are assigned to the age group of the person on the team who they indicated would be the swimmer.


  • ORDER OF WAVES: The first wave for the Half Iron on Sunday will be the elite wave (none on Saturday).  Relay team competitors will start together this year and will be the second wave on both days.  After the relay wave, the first few age group swim waves of the Door County Triathlon after wave one will be the senior age/gender groups. This is intended to a) provide the more senior athletes with more time to finish the event and b) shorten the duration of the overall event. After the senior age group waves, the remaining waves move through the female age groups from youngest to oldest followed by the male age groups from youngest to oldest.


Swim Wave Assignment Tables:


 Click here for the 2013 DCT Sprint Swim Wave Assignments


Click here to see the 2013 DCT Half Iron Swim Wave Assignments



To see YOUR individual assignments and find out your bib number, click on the ORANGE BUTTON at the upper right on this page. 


  • tamrah said:

    my first triathalon and very scared to have the young buck 24 year old males swim right after the old ladies 46-49! I am one obviously-


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